Sunday, July 20, 2014

Happines is a Choice: Create your Own Happiness !

By: Jennifer Juniper

If YOU are not happy with your life, then start making changes. If you need to improve your life, then start doing what it takes to make your life better. If you need to improve yourself, then work on that too! Whatever you need to do, you can do, if you really set your mind to it. There is an old saying that "people are where they want to be." If people really, really, really did not want to be in the proverbial "boat" that they're in, then they would do something to get out of that "boat."

You are the captain of your own ship, and YOU can either succeed or not; in business, with schooling, concerning your health, and in any other area of your life! If you are a smoker, and you really want to quit, then you will quit. If you do not want it "bad enough," then maybe you will not quit. You have to really want something before you will make the changes needed to improve the situation.

A person who simply says, "I wish I had a better job," but then who takes no steps towards finding the better job, will probably never get the better job! If they really want a better job, and do what it takes to get the better job, then they will eventually find and secure that better job!


Many things in life, are a choice! We can choose to be lazy, or choose to be productive! We can choose to be happy or sad, and to make the most of each day, or not! Why not make the better choices in life?


Some people want to start their own home based business, and this can easily be done, because there are many home based business opportunities, and many of them are very inexpensive to start, and they can be one-person businesses, but one important ingredient necessary for success is: work! The person cannot simply buy a book, order a website, or get a home study course, and then do nothing... and still expect to succeed. They will have to do the work that is required, day after day after day, and eventually they will start to make some money, and build some success with the business. Sadly, many people quit after a few weeks, days, or even hours!

Maybe YOU need a good suggestion of a Home Based Business, and you can probably find something that is ideal for you at where they have many materials to help you. Just remember that you can do anything that you make up your mind to do, and if you really want to accomplish something, then you can... if you really want it bad enough!

Maybe you want to stay home, and make money through the mail, and you could try something like the fascinating Make Money By Mail Value Pack which will give you some interesting ideas. Or maybe you have a service to offer to people in your local area.

The bottom line is that if you want to do something, it is all within your power to do it. You might go back to school and learn something new, get on an exercise program and lose weight, or even quit a bad habit, such as drinking or smoking. Whatever you desire to accomplish, can be done, if you really make up your mind to do it! Choose happiness, choose success, choose to make your life better! You can do it!

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Jennifer is a self-help writer and speaker, and also writes as a ghost for others, and writes many article marketing pieces, promoting websites such as where you can find many materials to help make your life better!
Happiness Is A Choice: Create Your Own Happiness!

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